Nephir's Devil May Cry Tv Review

Rated: 7

The game was a very original game. You're the hero, you get upgrades, you fight demons, you save a girl, then you beat the king of demons. Then, the wolrd is safe. Yay.
Very common these days. Besides that, the game has very little humorous parts for it is more of a darker game than a funny one. It was extremley fun to play, even though I like games that make me laugh. This one had me repeating the same boss...while having fun doing it. When you die, it's because of the lame camera angles. But at that point, you realize the game is fun and it's not your fault. It's not agrivating like Mario (I almost threw a tantrum), but rather a fun game. You can always do different follow-ups or just pund the licing crap out of the enemy. The fun doesn't stop, and because of the somewhat simple A.I.

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